Among the various Caloper loans, the “One” loan gives the possibility to close the current loans with various banks and financial companies, allowing to refinance the total debt contracted and therefore to consolidate it; that is, having only one monthly installment instead of many different deadlines to remember.

Through the consuls solution damento de biti Caloper you will thus have a single loan with a subsidized interest rate for a repayment period longer and getting a lump sum reduction monthly and then a lower nominal rate than the average of the rates on consolidated loans.

  • Maximum amount : 30,000 USD
  • Interest rate : fixed
  • Disbursement : fast (even during the day), by bank transfer or check
  • Refund : by automatic debit in bank or postal account; through Caloper bulletins to be reimbursed by going to the Post Offices, Sisal offices or Lottomatica points of sale.

In addition, through Caloper debt consolidation you have a wide range of optional insurance coverage that can be included in your loan, so as to avoid any risks or inconveniences.

  1. It is possible to choose between the following insurance methods:
  2. Creditor Protection with which in the event of death, total disability and permanent serious illness, the insurance reimburses an amount of money equal to the residual capital;
  3. Personal Protection which represents a form of health insurance for the client or his family;
  4. RC Head of the family which consists in covering the damages that the insured or his family causes to third parties;
  5. Medical Protection which covers the insured in the event of an accident;
  6. Budget Protection which covers the Insured by making a lump sum refund, independent of the loan and its residual debt in some specific cases;
  7. Health Protection, which protects the insured in case of disabling illness.

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How to apply for the One loan

To request a debt consolidation you need to have a few simple characteristics: you must be aged between 18 and 70 years.

Furthermore, upon entering into the consolidation, it is necessary to present documentation containing: a valid identity document (only an identity card, as the driving license, is no longer considered an identity document), the tax code or even the health card or card regional services, income documentation (ie the last paycheck in the case of employees, the latest tax return for self – employed workers and the last pension slip in the case of pensioners).

As for foreigners, however, residency in Italy for at least 1 year and a valid residence permit is absolutely required.

For more information about debt consolidation go to website.

Loan example

Let’s now look at a hypothetical example of implementing debt consolidation Caloper through One, so as to better understand the functioning of this solution. Objective: to group several ongoing loans into one through a Caloper debt consolidation loan.

Mr. Paolo Rossi was exposed (indebted) with the national banking / financial system for a total amount of 30,000.00 divided as follows:
$ 9,980.00 with Findomestic, in installments of $ 185.64
$ 2,120.00 with Agos, in installments of $ 72.59
$ 7,150.00 with Consumit, in installments of $ 145.22
$ 12,000.00 bank exposure with Montepaschi, with quarterly interest $ 750.00

None of the loans examined exceeds 5 years of amortization.

Mr. Rossi finds it convenient to use Caloper debt consolidation through “One” in order to first of all optimize costs and at the same time pursue economic savings in the payment of its debt. To this end, the results of the Caloper debt consolidation offer are as follows:

  • Amount requested and granted: $ 30,000
  • Duration: 84 months
  • Monthly payment: $ 517.22
  • TAN: 10.90%
  • APR: 11.92%
  • Total amount due: $ 43,446.48


The foregoing clearly highlights the convenience of the Caloper debt consolidation tool, which as mentioned above is very flexible, quick to respond and from an economic point of view very convenient since when compared with the interest paid on the individual consolidated loans it is clear clearly that the applicant realizes a substantial saving both in terms of debt and charges (costs on the installment, practical investigation etc.) applied on the individual loans merged through “One”.

Further benefit from this type of transaction can be registered in the system itself, i.e. the owner of the transaction finds much more convenience in supporting the payment of a single monthly installment and of an amount lower than the 4 installments (as in the example) whose sum ($ 1153.45) abundantly exceeds the new installment, certainly also producing less insolvency in the financing system.

A final but not negligible advantage is that Mr. Rossi will have a single deadline to remember thus avoiding the risk of running into annoying and expensive blackberries.

It is understood that it is always necessary / recommended to check that the APR (the acronym APR stands for Annual Global Effective Rate) is convenient compared to the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have been agreed with the other institutions with which you have open mortgages.

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